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Social Justice Action Statement

“Creating the Beloved Community:  the Quest for Character, Civility and Community“ 

WHO WE ARE: Fighting Back Partnership is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to preventing and ending poverty and its effects in Vallejo and throughout Solano County  

We publicly acknowledge - Systemic racism; systemic cycles of poverty; food deserts; education & wage inequities

We serve - To improve the quality of life specifically for those families and individuals with the most critical socio-economic needs

We provide -

  • Basic needs via assistance with housing, food, childcare, transportation, and health referrals

  • Parenting programs for pregnant women, head-of-households, & their families

  • Direct intervention and coordination of services provided by our partners

  • Policy awareness and civic engagement (youth) in addressing social determinants

“Creating the Beloved Community:  the Quest for Character, Civility and Community“ - This theme describes Fighting Back Partnership’s approach to its existing programs, research, and service initiatives.  Our intent is to address the problem of equity and social justice in our local, state, and national communities.  We utilize a model of ethical leadership wherein participants are empowered to create and foster justice-seeking environments of character, civility, and community.


The Beloved Community has been a long-standing staple for understanding the significance of diversity and culture in our society.  More specifically, our work in creating the Beloved Community addresses the issues confronting female-headed, and low-income households from all backgrounds, cultures, and communities.  We believe that diversity is not the simple amalgamation of race, ethnicity, gender, and class.  Diversity covers a broad and complex spectrum of difference borne of cultural origins, class locations, ways of learning, and most important for our purposes, ways of interacting and relating to “the other as a mirror of ourselves and our loved ones.”

Our Mission

Our History

In 1988, concerned citizens of Vallejo and the Vallejo City Council formed a Red Ribbon Committee to explore programs and initiatives that would address the alarming use of alcohol and drugs in Vallejo communities.     

That same year, representatives from this Committee, Jane Callahan, Tony Pearsall, Henry Elliott and Cynthia Kay, secured a $2 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support the development of a comprehensive community-lead plan to curtail the substance abuse problems. This Committee and its strategic initiatives sparked the creation of Fighting Back Partnership.     

Since that time, Fighting Back Partnership has emerged as one of the leading social service and community development organizations in Vallejo, providing crisis support and economic development for individuals and families and supporting under-served communities to increase safety, eliminate blight, and curtail alcohol and tobacco use among youth.


Who We Support:

Bay Area United Way  | Black Infant Health | Black Lives Matter | California Office of  Child Abuse Prevention | Caminar Children’s Network | Christian Help Center | City of Vallejo | Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) | Drug Safe Solano | Emmanuel Arms Community, Inc. Food Program | Eric Reyes Foundation | Faith Food Friday | Filipinx Mental Health Initiative-Solano | First 5 Solano | Kaiser Permanente | LaClinica | Project Room Key | Resource Connect Solano | Sierra Foundation | Solano CA Chapter of the Links, Inc | Solano Community College | Solano Community Foundation | Solano Department of Health and Social Services | Solano Family Resource Centers | Solano Family Violence Prevention Center | Solano HEALS | Solano Kids Thrive | Solano Pride Center | Solano Workforce Development Board | Sutter Solano | The Hill Vallejo | Touro University | Vallejo Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. | Vallejo City Unified School District | Vallejo Homeless Roundtable | Vallejo Peace Project | Yoche Dehe Nation

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