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Preventing Homelessness

Homelessness in Vallejo, as in the rest of the county, is a tragedy. The inhumanity and indignity of homelessness are unacceptable, and we cannot ignore it.

  • According to the 2015 Solano County homeless count, there are 1,082 homeless people in Solano County, 73% of whom are unsheltered. They live on the streets or in abandoned buildings, vehicles or encampments. Of these 1,082, 402 live in Vallejo and 360 of them are unsheltered.  

At Fighting Back, preventing more families and individuals from experiencing that tragedy is extremely important, as is finding homes for those who need them.  


Fighting Back Partnership is invested in ending homelessness in Vallejo by curtailing evictions and keeping families and individuals in their homes.  Through our Family Resource Centers (FRC), hundreds of families and individuals have retained their homes, acquired long-term support for food and other essentials, and have moved from crisis to stability. Under-resourced families often have few reserves to respond to financial emergencies, but with the support of our FRCs, families stay in their homes during a period of hardship while working with our case management staff to build long-term plans for increased stability and advancement.


Fighting Back Partnership operates four (4) FRCs throughout Vallejo and each offers:   

  • Limited financial assistance to address delinquent rent, utility payments, and emergency food

  • Case management support that includes linkages and referrals to support services and benefits assistance


Homelessness is not just an issue of housing, but a symptom of a society that has lost its sense of compassion

Desmond Tutu


In 2016, Fighting Back Partnership contracted with the Solano County Department of Health & Social Services to assist 69 CalWORKS families to access and maintain permanent housing so that the gains of the CalWORKS Program are not lost to homelessness. This is an exciting opportunity to develop a new paradigm for moving homeless families off the streets and into homes in Solano County.  Read how Fighting Back Partnership supported Gina Arrostuto's family on a new path in the Vallejo Times-Herald here.    



For more information contact:

Greater Vallejo Family Resource Center 

(at the John F. Kennedy Library)

505 Santa Clara St., 3rd Fl.  
Vallejo, CA 94590  
(707) 648-5230

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